Geological consulting mining Company

"Magchilexplora" is the Web page name for Mag Ltd. Geologic Consulting Office, in reference to exploration in Chile as the main activity of Mag. It is located in Santiago, Chile, and its commercial address is Avda Providencia 1930 – Of 84. Mag Ltd. was established in 1991. The main activity of our company is related to exploration and mining evaluation, from preliminary stages to advanced evaluation. Copper, gold & basic metals are the basis of its experience. Our professionals have been involved in several exploration projects in the past which have turned into exploitable and successful mines in the present. The company is recognized for hiring professionals with different scopes of expertise, in order to successfully adapt to the different natures of its projects.


The company is characterized by facing jobs with professionals whose experience is better related to de prospect to be studied. They temporally work as partnerships.


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